cityofsound: Change is on the cards

May 2, 2006

cityofsound: Change is on the cards
Change is on the cards

To Arup last night, on the way home, to the ‘book’ launch of their Drivers of Change 2006. The word ‘book’ is in inverted commas there as this is actually a box of cards – somewhere between IDEO’s interaction design Method Cards and the classic Oblique Strategies, but here containing rich, research-based information across numerous sectors refracted through the STEEP framework (Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental and Political factors. Wot no ‘cultural’? Never mind.)

“What will our world be like in 2050? This set of cards identifies some of the leading drivers of change that affect our future. Each card depicts a single driver. A factoid and rhetorical question are on one face, backed up by a brief indication of the breadth and depth of the content on the other face. The set was devised by the Foresight & Innovation team at Arup, a group tasked with exploring emerging trends and how they impact upon business of Arup and its clients. The publication serves not only as a vibrant visual record of research, but also as a tool for discussion groups, personal prompts, for workshop events or as a ‘thought for the week’.”


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