cityofsound: The Five Boroughs drawn

May 2, 2006

cityofsound: The Five Boroughs drawn
The Five Boroughs drawn looks at the use of art in situating the latest Beastie Boys album in the context of New York:

The new Beastie Boys album, From The Five Boroughs [UK|US], features a crop of a fine artwork by Matteo Pericoli – a lovely sketch of the New York waterline, part of his magnificent Manhattan Unfurled.
Crop of Matteo Pericoli's Manhattan Unfurled
Manhattan Unfurled [UK|US] is quite lovely – a huge fold-out frieze, one side of the paper traversing the West Side, the other the East Side. My only dilemma with a book like this is that I'd ideally want it to be wrapped around my wall, as if the coolest child's bedroom in the world, rather than spending 99.9% of its life folded up in a box. And which side of Manhattan to display?! I suspect the East Side, just for the bridges …

Pericoli is in good company designing for the Beastie Boys (cf. Stephen Byram and License to Ill).


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