Where does the music come from?

May 2, 2006

Where does that music come from – Guardian

By Bobbie Johnson / Digital music & movies 09:35am

Over at Boing Boing, Cory points to a 14-month old website that discovers the apparently shocking truth: people don't buy that many songs from the iTunes Music Store.


I disagree with that thesis. Most people, I think, have a legacy collection of CDs (and vinyl, perhaps) that makes up the vast majority of their digital music collection. Perhaps they're adding to it using the collections of friends (filesharing of a sort) but I don't think that most iPod purchasers are heavy users of the illegal networks.

So here's my point: a majority of music being played on iPods today has been bought. And yes, digital downloads are a tiny proportion of the music on digital players today: but they won't be so insignificant tomorrow.

Over the course of time, and for a variety of reasons, downloads are likely to overtake physical sales.

I've no doubt that the money I've spent on CDs far outweighs the money I've spent on hi-fi equipment. And that pattern is likely to be true for the digital age, even if it's not there yet."


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