Design Observer: Beck’s new album – make your own cover

October 7, 2006

Interesting in the way that he’s looking to add value to the experience in ways that can’t be achieved through a straight download.

Design Observer: writings about design & culture
s hard to imagine such resistance to The Information even though it is playing to a much wider audience. There is a public expectation and even demand for interaction now. Audiences have a symbiotic relationship with media and the technology used to produce and distribute it. Fandom has become a mechanized process of blogging, programming playlists, shooting and distributing videos, file-sharing, and even remixing tracks. Beck’s sticker cover is just one way that he has acknowledged this shift. He has also released mutliple versions of his recordings, made raw tracks available for remixing, and provided video elements online for fans to use as source material for their own music videos. In a recent interview in Wired he said, “The idea is to provide something that calls for interactivity and that’s totally different from what you’ll have if you just download the album.”


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