TuneBooks™ Digital Liner Notes and Interactive Booklets

Great little slideshow promotong Tunebooks interactive booklets.


Journalism.org – Journalism Tools: Reporting – The Art of Interviewing

The Art of Interviewing

Strategies for asking the right questions and using the right form in questions and answers.

Interviewing tips – from journalist Dan Gillmor

Excellent summary of interviewing tips for interviewing musicians.

Creative Interviewing

May 2, 2006

Douglas J "Creative Interviewing" Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 1985

H62 DQ442 

Techniques for making interviews easier. Old but OK. I haven't read all of it, but includes things like setting the scene, fitting your methids to the goals and situations, creating intimacy etc.

ideo.com :: Case Studies :: IDEO Method Cards

IDEO website, with introduction to the IDEO cards.

Netdiver is a digital culture magazine and new media design portal

Often contains inspirational examples of design work, and cutting edge ideas.