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the cool hunter – THE I-DECK – ALBUM ART LIVES ON

This is the coolest way of replacing album art I’ve seen yet. Though it probably doesn’t quite fit that tactile aspect, and you can’t take it or lend it like a record.

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Making a song and dance

Don’t believe all you read about web-driven musical phenomenons. Old-fashioned PR and marketing still have a big part to play in their success. Adam Webb reports

Packaging and Music

May 23, 2006

Greeeat little article about music and packaging. I wish I had this for  the lit review! 


There are those who mourn the vanishing of the nice big cardboard packages that vinyl came in. The format allowed fairly large images, credits, and photos. The usual assumption is that much of this imagery, like music videos, is a reflection of, and extension of, the music creator’s sensibility.

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Brand Democracy

 Converse, and allowing their customer base to make their ads for them.

They decided to position Converse as a patron of the arts, a creative enabler in the spirit of Peggy Guggenheim. They asked people to make a cool film that says something about the brand in 24 seconds (the last 6 seconds of titling was done by Butler Shine). They got the word out through posters and ads at creative schools, in Juxtapoz magazine and through personal contacts. The chosen work (by a student or professional) would air on television and be awarded $10,000. Any other film placed on the Website received $1,000.

The results? Converse received 1500 short films. Mr. Butler and his group went through them and chose the best for the television, and next best for the web gallery. They have since received films by name directors, including Mr. Mos Def.

The campaign was great. The films were solid and full of that unbridled creativity that comes from the gut. It was great to see stuff that wasn’t overly analyzed by rooms of professionals. It went straight to the point.

Unfiltered is good.

TuneBooks™ Digital Liner Notes and Interactive Booklets

Great little slideshow promotong Tunebooks interactive booklets.

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