"Pop music wants to be heard, seen, and if possible, even tasted. The responsibility faced by those who create the look of these things- whether a video, a CD cover or a flyer – is thus necessarily quite a large one. They're co-creators of content in a non-trivial sense, just as the garish colours of American pulp magazine covers did more than accentuate content." (Klanten et al 2004)

This project looks at how music is packaged, promoted and experienced in the 21st century? How does one go about designing for music in a changing environment? For that matter, how does one find out what the artist wants and/or needs? How does one learn appropriate information about their 'context'? The following is a review of liturature, but in many ways is incomplete. It is a summary of the resources I have come across in my research. This topic is very 'present' (for example, the news that the governement plans to unbundle phone lines, which appeared on 3rd May) so I plan to keep adding to it in the days to come.

This review can be looked at in 3 broad topics:

The state of the music industry

A short look at New Zealand and Dunedin music

Ethnographic research and methodology

Other Comments and useful stuff

Toolbox of ideas and resources 



Klanten R, Hellige K, Hulan T “Sonic – visuals for music” Berlin:Die Gestalten Verlag, 2004


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