A collection of tools, ideas and resources I will add to over time.

IDEO method cards. The ones that Nick kindly lent me to have a look at. Some are of use and others not but good for thinking up ways of working creatively with bands.

– Rapid Prototyping. Get bands to quickly make/draw something so as to get ideas flowingand see the sort of things they think about.

 -Forcasts. Look at ideas aout where they want to be in a years time. In an ideal world, what would the stories writeen about them be

 – Competitive Product surveys. Looking and rating how other bands in their genre have done things. Or comparing other bands in Dunedin. 

TuneBooks™ Digital Liner Notes and Interactive Booklets

Perhaps useful, a way to putalbum inlays and lyrics etc into itunes.

Journalism.org – The Art of Interviewing

Perhaps not 100% on topic, but still useful strategies for asking the right questions and using the right form in questions and answers.

$2 Real Groovy Album CHallenge

I'm not sure where this would fit in, but I'd like to try a way of gaining information about bands opinions by showing them a whole collection of albums (cheap ones they wouldn't have seen before) and ask questions about their perceptions of the artists based on what the albums looked like. Which ones do you like? What do you think this band would feel like?


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